Biospirit, behind the name

At Biospirit we believe that good nutrition is necessary. We promote nurture that respects people and the environment, with no use of added chemicals. We want to bring organic products to all consumers who care about their wellbeing, offering products with the best taste and quality. 

Biospirit is not only an organic brand. We are also importers and distributors of all kind of organic products. We offer a wide range of different products that are respectful for people, environment and animals.

Biospirit was established in 1993 in Moià (Spain). Both the Brand and the import-distribution company were called Luz de Vida in the beginning. In a couple of years, the company grew tremendously, extending our range and our own brand. The company changed its name to Biospirit while Luz de Vida was maintained for the brand name.

In 1997 we moved to Sant Gregori and started such a growth that we needed a bigger warehouse and logistic improvement.

Since 2008 our facilities are in Celrà, 10 minutes from Girona. Our warehouse is 23000 square meters big. Inside you can find the offices, the incoming and out coming goods and the production zone.

During 2009 we started a progressive change for all our own products, changing the name of the brand from Luz de Vida to Biospirit, as the distribution company.

Today Biospirit distributes more than 2500 products from around 200 different brands. The more than 80 people that form the Biospirit team take care of the quality of the products and the efficiency of the service.



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